The Truck Loading Ramp That Is Always There When You Need It

Sherrer Contracting Inc.

Owners Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing safe loading ramp that will eliminate the need to haul ramps around. Your Tailgate Ramp is built with quality, durability and good looks in mind.  All our employees take pride in building your gate ramp so you can share the pride and confidence when you use and show off your TailGate Ramp.



To Install Spring on Your TailGate Ramp

You will need the following:
5/16 inch Bit
1/4  inch Bit
7/16 inch End Wrench
1/2 inch End Wrench

With the ramp in the raised position and latched extend the spring to the side of the body.
Place the bracket next to the inside lip of the body, stretch the spring about 1 inch
Mark the two holes in the bracket.
Now drill the 2 holes in the body with a 5/16-inch drill bit.
Bolt the bracket to the side of the body with spring hooked to it.

If you have a bed liner that is in the way you will want to get 4 self tapping screws and mount the bracket with them.

You are now ready to unlatch tailgate and unfold and use for loading things into the back of your truck.




Care and Maintenance

In very cold weather it may be necessary to lubricate latches with light silicone lubricant to prevent icing problems.

It may be necessary to touch up paint on hinges and latches from time to time. Some paints don’t adhere to Rhino Liner so stick with one of the following:   Rustolieum hard hat paint or Krylon in a glossy black color.

Operating Your New Ramp

On the drivers side of tailgate there are 2 latches the lower one holds your ramp together. When gate is to be used as a ramp release the right side latch then go to left side. Release the lower latch. Grip handle firmly and release the upper latch. Slowly lower ramp and pull apart when ramp is hanging freely. Reach under section 2 and release inner latch (keep toes out of tailgate area) the inside 2 sections will release and drop. Sections 3 and 4 are held together with 2 rare earth magnets. Grip the two handles and pull apart.  Your ramp is unfolded and ready to use.





There is an inherent risk involved in the use of ATV's and the loading, unloading, and hauling of these vehicles using any loading system.  Sherrer Contracting, Inc. assumes no liability whatsoever for damage or injury incurred during the use of this product.  A helmet should be worn during loading and unloading an ATV.


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